Pasion SL80 *


The Benelli SL80 Pasion model can be considered the origin of the current production of Benelli shotguns. This model is universally considered as the symbol of a whole generation of semiautomatic: elegant, light and easy to handle, top quality wood stock, the Benelli SL80 Pasion represents the weapon that has exported Benelli style throughout the world.

Benelli presents today this model with the name Passion.

The unmistakable lines of the stock are enriched with an engraving of flowered arabesques that evoke the 'liberty' style. An elegant decoration represents landscapes and golden animals.

Having a Passion shotgun means making a part of Benelli's own story, it means enjoying a weapon that is part of the legend of semi-automatic shotguns.

Product Parameters
  • Product code: Benelli Pasion SL80
  • Manufacturer: Benelli
  • Weapon`s type: Semi-automatic shotguns
  • Application: Hunting, Sports
  • Calibre: 12/76
  • Barrel type: Standard
  • Gun-butt: Right handed
  • Stock material: Wood
  • Magazine capacity: 4+1
  • Choke: Yes
  • Weigth (kg): 3.3
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Pasion SL80

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Benelli Pasion SL80