Thermo Function face mask TS500


The main principle of Thermo Function is the dual-layer principle. The two divided layers with an inside of hydrophobic polypropylene/polycoton you wear next to your skin and an outer layer of natural fibers (merinowool or cotton) that conducts the humidity to the outside. The spun polypropylene with its low weight (0.91g/cm3) will give an incomparable thermal comfort. the fiber is also allergy neutral and is approved according to Okotex 100 standards. The outisde of Merinowool or cotton absorbs the humidity and gives warmth. This way you will will have a dry and warm body and body odours will have no chance. 

Thermo Function TS consists of 76% polypropylene, 15% Merinowool and 9% polyamide. This is perfect for extreme low temperatures to minus -40°C. TS500 is the only underwear of its kind. There is no comparable product on the market this day. The interior layer of chanelkintted polyproylene ribs combined with Merinos woll on the outside, keeps you protected from frostbite by minus -40°C and will not make you sweat with higher temperatures above 0°C. TS500 is the "Non-Plus-Ultra" of thermal underwear.

Product Parameters
  • Product code: 22031500/315
  • Manufacturer: Thermo Function
  • Colour: Grey
  • Seasons: Winter
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Thermo Function face mask TS500

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