Tick repellent for babies & kids


TickLess is the ideal solution to keep ticks away during outdoor sport activities, walks, picnics or camping, in a totally ecological way and without contraindications of any kind. TickLess Baby is a chem-free solution that releases no substances or odors. It works by emitting a series of ultrasound impulses that are harmless and imperceptible for both people and animals. TickLess disturbs ticks and repels them away from the child.

TickLess Baby must be fitted to the clothes of the baby or to the equipment around him/her so that it cannot swallowed by the baby! Make sure not to block the ultrasound emission grill - it has to be outside the clothing. Operating range is about 1,5 meters. TickLess was invented in Italy in 1992 and since then it is the ideal partner for the whole family to prevent them from Lyme disease and meningitis caused by ticks.

Use: Activate the instrument by drawing out the red tab. The start is indicated by four flashes. It will keep off ticks for about 10-12 months. By pushing the button once you can control the operation by the flashing red led any time. There is no danger either for pregnant women, elderly or ill persons.

Product Parameters
  • Product code: PRO10-BABY
  • Manufacturer: Tickless
  • Protection to (months): 9 - 12
  • Chemical free: Yes
  • Operating range (m): 1,5
  • Drop proof : Yes
  • Battery control button: Yes
  • Auto-off function: No
  • Packaging: Baby
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Tick repellent for babies & kids

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