M12 Expert *


The “noble sister” of the PURE is delivered with the same Sporter stock with a straight comb, long pistol grip, German cheekpiece and the characteristic MAUSER trapezoid right over the trigger. It is the specially selected grade-5 wood and ebony tip at the fore-end that lift this rifle to the next level, leaving no doubt that a gun with such classic form and such excellent function can only carry one name on the receiver: MAUSER. This is not just a special occasion rifle, this is the rifle you will love to look at and hunt with every time it leaves the cabinet.

Product Parameters
  • Product code: M12 Expert
  • Manufacturer: Mauser
  • Weapon`s type: Rifles
  • Application: Hunting, Sports
  • Barrel type: Standard
  • Barrel length (cm): 56
  • Barrel diameter (mm): 17
  • Gun-butt: Right handed
  • Stock material: Wood
  • Wood class: 5
  • Magazine capacity: 5+1
  • Weigth (kg): 3.2
  • Choke: No
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M12 Expert

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M12 Expert