R8 Professional Success *


With the revolutionary stock of the Blaser gives active hunters the crucial edge for continuous successful shooting. The R8 Professional Success stock provides a completely relaxed posture of shooting hand and arm, regardless of the aiming position. Thus, vexatious flinching is almost completely eliminated by itself providing the most important preparation for the accurate shot in any hunting conditions. The dynamic shape of the R8 Professional Success underlines the high demands Blaser is placing on this product: simply the best for successful shooting!

Product Parameters
  • Product code: R8 Professional Success
  • Manufacturer: Blaser
  • Weapon`s type: Rifles
  • Application: Hunting
  • Barrel length (cm): 58
  • Barrel diameter (mm): 17
  • Gun-butt: Right handed
  • Stock material: Plastic
  • Magazine capacity: 4+1
  • Weigth (kg): 3.5
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R8 Professional Success

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R8 Professional Success