Warm Series Smart heating insole V7



Cold feet are a thing of the past

Keep your feet warm and cosy with Digitsole heated insoles, controlling the temperature inside your shoes directly from your phone.

Connected and heated insoles

The Warm Series connected heated insoles allow you to control the temperature in your shoes between 20° C and 45° C and to track your daily physical activity with a simple click.

An application you can take with you every day

Use the special app, available on iOS and Android, to connect your intelligent insoles to your phone via Bluetooth (BLE). Control the temperature inside your shoes directly from the app and track your daily activity via the sensors inside the insoles.

Designed for everyone

Heated insoles are perfect for riding a bike or motorbike, hunting, hiking, skiing… improving your well-being every day. They are also ideal for those working in cold environments. The Warm Series help provide relief for those suffering from circulation problems. They are recommended by the US Raynaud’s disease Association.

Track your daily activity

Heated insoles provide daily information on your physical activity in real time.

Integrated thermostat for intelligent heating

The integrated thermostat allows you to control the temperature inside your shoes, degree by degree, between 20° C and 45° C. The intelligent mode means the heated insoles detect your activity and automatically adapt the heating.

Thickness Min : 3.5 mm / Max : 13.5 mm

Connectivity USB 2.0

Maximum heating temperature 45° C (113° F)

Battery Rechargeable Lithium ceramic

Battery life 2.5 - 8 hours

Application compatibility

  • iOS 11.0 and above
  • Android 6.0 and above


  • 1 Pair of insoles
  • 1 Micro USB cable
  • 1 User manual
Product Parameters
  • Product code: INWS005RD
  • Manufacturer: DigitSole
  • Seasons: Winter
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Warm Series Smart heating insole V7

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