Z8I 1-8x24 SR 4A-IF


The challenge posed by driven and big game hunting requires a powerful experts’ rifle scope like the Z8i 1-8x24. Its exceptional field of view enables you to maintain an overview all the time. The perfect optical system offers excellent viewing comfort and ensures rapid target acquisition.

The illuminated Z8i 1-8x24 L rifle scope provides a remarkable field of view of 42.5 m (127.5 ft) with a 1x magnification, offering the best possible overview of the hunting action to ensure the right decision is made even in rapidly changing situations. The Z8i 1-8x24 is also equipped with FLEXCHANGE, the switchable 4A-IF reticle.

Product Parameters
  • Product code: 90131090
  • Manufacturer: Swarovski Optik
  • Magnification: 8x
  • Middle diameter (mm): 30
  • Light transmission (%): 93%
  • Reticle: 4A-IF
  • Mounting type: Rail
  • Weigth (kg): 0.515
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Z8I 1-8x24 SR 4A-IF

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