Vinci MAX 5 30 IC *


The Vinci Advantage Max 5 is the perfect camo shotgun for a wide range of hunting applications, wherever the hunter needs to blend in with the background. The Vinci camo will not fail to impress you for its technical content and extraordinarily stylish design. The Vinci is the first and only semiautomatic shotgun that allows you to eject cartridges from the magazine simply by pressing a button on the outside – a truly practical safety feature. The variable width fore-end and new ergonomic checkering combine to ensure a secure grip in the hunter’s hands. A practical release knob also lets you change the magazine tube quickly and easily.

  • Preces kods: A0408401
  • Ražotājs: Benelli
  • Ieroča tips: Pusautomātiskās bises
  • Pielietojums: Medību
  • Kalibrs: 12/76
  • Stobra garums (cm): 76
  • Laides tips: Labisks
  • Laides materiāls: Plastmasa
  • Aptveres ietilpība: 2+1
  • Čoks: Ir
  • Svars (kg): 3.15
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Vinci MAX 5 30 IC

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