M12 Walnut C1 *


The M 12 blends highest functionality with modern Mauser design: Solid steel construction featuring the distinctive wide Mauser loading breach, extremely smooth bolt movement and classic, straight stock shape with "Prince of Wales" pistol grip. A crisp, direct trigger and 3-position safety SRS for highest safety demands along with target-driven design and perfect balance are what make this rifle an international success.

  • Full steel construction with wide loading breach
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Extremely smooth bolt movement
  • Classic, straight stock shape with "Prince of Wales" pistol grip
  • Short 60° bolt lift and anti-slip bolt handle 
  • 3-position safety SRS*
  • Excellent direct trigger with approx. 950 g (2 lb) trigger pull 
  • Detachable zigzag magazine
  • Код товара: Mauser M12
  • Производитель: Mauser
  • Тип оружие: Карабины
  • Применение: Для охоты
  • Длина ствола (cм): 56
  • Диаметр ствола (мм): 17
  • Приклад: Правша
  • Материал приклада: Дерево
  • Тип приклада: Walnut C1
  • Категория дерева: 2
  • Емкость магазина: 5+1
  • Bес (кг): 3.1
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M12 Walnut C1

Наличие: Продано
* На приобретение товара существует ограничение
Mauser M12