Xtrail Silver *


Taking the Bettinsoli out of its robust ABS case, the first thing I was struck by was the colour case-hardening on the action. It is certainly distinctive and for a gun at this price done to a standard that you might expect. This style is very much a personal thing, I prefer silver actions, though can appreciate the beauty of a Purdey or Holland decorated thus. What this distinctive look does is to mark it out as being different to other offerings in the crowded budget sector and from a marketing point of view this certainly makes sense.

The X – Trail shows 30” tubes, which are more game-orientated, though it is certainly capable of breaking a clay or two if required! The action is similar to most other Italian guns reviewed in recent months. The barrels have bifurcated lumps which hinge on stud pins, locking courtesy of a full width cross bolt engaging in a bite beneath the under chamber mouth. Give the Italians their due; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and quite sensibly they prefer to use a proven design rather than re-invent the wheel just for the sake of it. 

It isn’t exactly what you might call low profile but it looks well proportioned and everything seemed to work in a smooth and positive manner. The only gripe being that it still had that new gun stiffness that required a good amount of effort to open and close. However the solid top lever is a definite improvement from the cut-out versions found on previous models, certainly feeling more robust and giving a better final finish.

  • Код товара: Xtrail Silver
  • Производитель: Bettinsoli
  • Тип оружие: Pужье
  • Применение: Для охоты
  • Калибр: 12/76
  • Тип ствола: Стандартный
  • Приклад: Правша
  • Материал приклада: Дерево
  • Емкость магазина: 2
  • Чок: Да
  • Bес (кг): 3.4
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Xtrail Silver

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Xtrail Silver