Deer Garden

Deer Garden of „Purnavu Muiza” is established in 2002, Its total area is approximately 160 hectares, it is located in Līgatne. 

In this deer garden one can find Hungarian as well as local Red Deers (Cervus elaphus hippelaphus), Romanian bloodline Fallow deer (dama dama) and mouflon (Ovis orientalis).

 The deer garden is biological farm with a purpose of breeding animals. Hunting is prohibited in the territory of garden.

 The accurate selection process of a deer bull and approximately 10-15 cows are happening in 10 specially designed breeding paddocks.

 The total number of animals in the deer garden:

665 Red deer

144 Fallow deer

 If you are interested in buying deers, do not hestitate to contact us to


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