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What is the privacy POLICY?

The privacy policy is designed to provide a natural person, which is defined as the data subject, with information about the personal data processing purpose, scope, protection and processing period of data acquisition time and is carried out by “Purnavu muiza” Ltd., by processing a data subject's personal data.

The Privacy Policy describes how data are processed, such as on websites and their improvement for transaction purposes. This Privacy Policy applies to personal information about you that we use and otherwise process regarding. Take into account that privacy policy is not engaged with

Law On the Handling of Weapons and Special Mean and Hunting Law. Purnavu muiža Ltd. guarantees protection of your data while regularly improving this Privacy policy on www.purnavumuiza.lv. You can always require earlier versions of this Privacy policy by contacting our customer support: info@purnavumuiza.lv.

Last updated on 25.05.2018.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that can identify a natural person - ”Purnavu muiza” Ltd. customers, partners or company employees, personal codes, residence addresses, personal phone numbers, personal emails, occupations, income amounts, services received, billing information, telephone or electronic communication information, and other information relevant to a natural person.

“Purnavu muiza” Ltd. takes care of existing, potential, as well as former customers' data in compliance with the European Parliament and Council Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April, 2016, as well as Directive A 95/46/EC (on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data) and the free movement of such data, as well as to other applicable legislations in the privacy and data processing field.

Data use and privacy

In relation to the used services, “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. is entitled to send notifications, reminders of the ongoing, but incomplete, services and other information to enter the electronic e-mail address with the aim of improving the quality of service provision. “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. is also entitled to inform the clients about “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. partner news, promotions and discounts, as well as congratulating existing customers on celebrations by sending information or calling them. You have the right to withdraw from receiving any news, unsubscribing by clicking on the e-mail link or by sending information to the e-mail: info@purnavumuiza.lv 

“Purnavu muiza” Ltd. informs you that by giving your e-mail address, you agree that it is included in the database and that notifications/reminders of started, but unfinished orders as well as news about our newest sales and products may be sent to it from the internet site www.purnavumuiza.lv.

Using the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv you agree that “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. or any third person who is acting on behalf of www.purnavumuiza.lv may collect and store the data, which allows tracking and gathering of such data as:

  • the total amount of website visits,
  • number of visitors for each individual website,
  • www.purnavumuiza.lv visitors` online service provider domain names,
  • IP addresses,
  • other data, the purpose of use of which is system administration, as well as to control the use of the www.purnavumuiza.lv online site and organise its improvement.

“Purnavu muiza” Ltd. collects and stores data for information purposes and statistics on the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv and is entitled to transfer such data to other companies.


Online shop

When shopping in the online store www.purnavumuiza.lv it is necessary to indicate the buyer's name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number and supply the necessary information, including the address. The data are transferred to third parties (to “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. partners responsible for delivery matters).

“Purnavu muiza” Ltd. does not associate the user's IP address and e-mail address with data, which allows identification of this user. This means that each user`s session shall be established, but on the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv the user will remain anonymous.

All materials that are sent or entered into the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv become the property of “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. which “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. as an owner of the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv is entitled to use for its own purposes, except for personal data.

Please note that by providing your e-mail address or sending any information to the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv you have agreed that “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. is only entitled to use this data for the above-mentioned purposes.

Privacy and copyright protection of the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv.

By placing an order, you agree that the data entered on the online site www.purnavumuiza.lv may be used by “Purnavu muiza” Ltd.  in accordance with the above specified terms of use of www.purnavumuiza.lv.

By placing an order, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms of delivery.

When placing an order, by contacting “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. or on behalf of a represented person, by telephone, in writing through chat on the website www.purnavumuiza.lv, email or social networks, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the www.purnavumuiza.lv website`s terms of use and have provided contact data that is correct.


What a Cookie is and what they are intended for

Cookies are a small file that is stored on users' computers to be able to keep preferences and other information, which is used on the web pages visited by the user. Cookies can save the user settings of certain sites, and sometimes cookies can be used to track how visitors get to the sites and what activities they carry out.[1]

In short, Cookies enhance the user's experience while visiting a website, by allowing the system to recognize visitors.

“Purnavu muiza” Ltd. uses Cookies to help develop the website www.purnavumuiza.lv and make it user friendly. Cookies serve as an assistant to identify and understand users' expectations.

By improving our website and user experience, you can accept cookies on our website. As legal basis serve your consent and we will store your data until you withdraw.

Cookies can be divided into two groups: session cookies and persistent cookies. A session cookie is deleted from your computer immediately when you close the browser, while persistent cookies are stored on your computer or until expiry.

Cookies on the website www.purnavumuiza.lv

“Purnavu muiza” Ltd. uses Cookies on this website for the following reasons.

*To collect data about users using Google Analytics tools (more detailed information below);

*To ensure proper, as well as relevant content on the social network Facebook;

*To display recommendations to a user who has previously visited the site www.purnavumuiza.lv;

*To identify users who have signed up to receive news and special offers. Anonymous users do not receive these cookies.

In addition, “Purnavu muiza” Ltd. Uses the Google AdWords service, which lists the conversions, as well as selects the audience. These are third-party cookies, which expire within 90 days or 2 years. 

Google Cookies

To analyse the website user’s habits and use of the web page in general, www.purnavumuiza.lv uses the Google services provided by Google Analytics. This service consists of statistics and other information about the website using cookies, which are stored on users' computers. Information, which is collected in relation to the www.purnavumuiza.lv website, is used to create reports about the use of the website. The tasks performed by Google Cookie are listed below.

*Distinguishes unique users and remembers the previous number of visits and the time.

*Memorises information about the traffic source.

*Defines the start and end time of the session.

Google stores them from 30 minutes to 2 years depending on the type of cookie. The Google Privacy Policy is available on the website below:


Refusal of Cookies

If you want to opt out of the use of cookies, please see the instructions below for each browser.

  • · If you are using Internet Explorer, then to opt out perform the following: click Tools, Internet options, Privacy, and select "Block all cookies". 
  • · If you are using Firefox, then perform the following to opt out: you can adjust your cookie settings by selecting "Tools", then "Options" and then "Privacy".
  • · If you are using Safari, then perform the following to opt out: you can adjust your cookie settings by selecting "Preferences" and then "Privacy".
  • · While, in Chrome you can adjust cookie settings by clicking "Settings" and then "Privacy".

Blocking cookies may adversely affect your experience of some websites, for example, it is not possible to perform online services. 

For convenience of the user experience and full website activity, we recommend you to save cookies, but, if you don't want to keep them, follow these steps to change your browser settings.

Your rights

You have the following rights:

  • to access your personal data and request reasons of purpose of collecting it
  • to withdraw consent (refuse from receiving newsletters, special weekly offer, cookies)
  • to restrict processing of personal data by requesting us not to use certain information about you or delete your personal data.


Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to the www.purnavumuiza.lv website.

Who can help

We work to protect your personal data and ensure transparency of personal data processing activities. However, if any issues appear or you have questions regarding your data processing, please contact our Data Protection Specialist by writing an email.

Contact us:



Martinmuiza, Marupe municipality,

LV2167, Latvia

[1] Google Adwords help, https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2407785?hl=lv

General terms and conditions:

  • Order confirmation from SIA "Purnavu Muiža", legal address “Mārtiņmuiža”, Mārupes nov., LV-2167, VAT reg. no. LV40103160117, certifies that client’s order is received, but it doesn’t mean it is fulfilled. "Purnavu Muiža" reserves the right to fulfil orders partly in those cases, when situation couldn’t be solved from our part (for example, supplier can’t deliver exact goods). In case there are any problems, which are associated with fulfilment of an order, “Purnavu Muiža” will inform the client regarding that information.
  • Client is fully responsible for his registration data safety, giving information about his private registration account to third parties.
  • If information which is included in Registration form changes, the Client has to make relevant changes in private information.
  • Client has a right to ask to delete his personal data from "Purnavu Muiža" database, by sending a request to: info@purnavumuiza.lv.
  • Minimum order sum is 10 EUR.
  • All prices are given in euro currency including VAT.
  • Upon client request "Purnavu Muiža" can make changes in existing order within one working day after order is done, except those cases, when order is already packed or dispatched. Order changes refer to the following cases:
  • addition of new product
  • change of quantity
  • cancellation of ordered product.
  • Changes should be sent to: info@purnavumuiza.lv, indicating code of the relevant product.
  • Product supplier or manufacturer is the one, who is responsible for the conformity, description, technical information and images of the product. Such mistakes could arise, if supplier or manufacturer has specified wrong product description, or due to other, independent of us, reasons. Please, inform us by email: info@purnavumuiza.lv about any mistakes of its kind.
  • Products with special prices are shown on our home page and are specially marked, special prices online may differ from those in our local stores.


Payment terms

Online store of "Purnavu Muiža" offers following payment methods:

  • Paying a bill, using online banking facility, or paying a bill in a bank.
  • Payment, using payment cards such as Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro.
  • PayPal
  • Swedbank Banklink
  • Payment in cash upon receipt of goods in "Purnavu Muiža" stores:
  • "Mārtiņmuiža", Mārupes district,
  • 22a Kalna Street, Saldus,
  • 4 Lilijas Street, Valmiera,
  • 38 Saules Street, Daugavpils.
  • When choosing a payment method, it is possible to receive the order at any of the above mentioned "Purnavu Muiža" stores.
  • Carefully fill in all the data that is needed for ordering. The system will automatically generate a bill according to this data. The bill will be sent to the e-mail indicated in the order.
  • Make the payment only when you receive a confirmation from "Purnavu Muiža" regarding the availability of all needed goods in stock.
  • When paying the bill in a bank or via online banking facility, it is necessarily to indicate the order number. Delivery of goods will be done ONLY after the order is fully paid. If order is not paid within 7 days after order is done, the order is being automatically deleted from the system.
  • *Firearms, ammunition, silencers and all other goods, which are subject to purchase restrictions, can only be paid for at any of "Purnavu Muiža" stores, after providing the necessary permits.

Terms of delivery

We offer shipping to European and other countries for any goods that are purchased within our shop and that are not regulated by Latvian state laws and regulations.* (for more information about regulations see below). Within the territory of Latvia it is also possible to receive the goods at Circle K gas stations and within the Baltic States at Omniva parcel stations.

Shipping costs:

  • Within territory of Latvia - 7 EUR
  • Circle K gas station – 3.50 EUR
  • Omniva in Latvia – 3.50
  • Omniva in Lithuania and Estonia – 5.00 EUR
  • To Lithuania and Estonia - 15 EUR
  • To other countries in Europe - 25 EUR
  • To Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan - 30 EUR

For more information regarding shipping options outside Europe, please contact us at info@purnavumuiza.lv or by phone: +371 20200500.

  • The maximum size of EMS items shall not exceed 1.50 meters for any one dimension or 3 metres for the sum of the length and the greatest circumference measured in a direction other than length. 3 m. The weight of EMS items shall not exceed 30 kg.

*Prices of delivery can differ from those given here should the delivery operator change the service price.

Free shipping options:

  • by receiving your order at one of our stores in Latvia:
  • "Mārtiņmuiža", Mārupe (5km from centre of Riga and close to International Airport of Riga)
  • Saldus, Kalna street 22a
  • Valmiera, Lilijas street 4
  • Daugavpils, Saules street 38

All orders are usually dispatched within one working day after we have received your payment.

Goods, that are being sold in accordance with the "Law on the Handling of Weapons and Special Means" and law regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers associated with this (weapons, ammunition, powder, bullets, priming elements etc.) are not being delivered with parcels.
Above mentioned goods can be collected ONLY at "Purnavu Muiža" stores, Authorization for storing or carry of firearms, and person’s identification document must be presented. The sale of silencers is meant for the Latvian market only.

*Delivery of goods can be delayed if there are previously unseen force majeure circumstances. Delivery shall be delayed for the time period of the force majeure circumstances.


Should you have any questions do not hesitate to contact “Purnavu Muiža” by email: info@purnavumuiza.lv or calling +371 20200500

Rights of withdrawal

  • If the Consumer changes his or her mind and decides to decline of the purchase, Latvian Republic Consumer Protection Law (further on PTAL) and regulatory Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.255 “Regulations on Distance Contracts” (further on MK Regulations No. 255) state that the Consumer has the right to decline from the Contract during the next 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the order and to return the item purchased on the website back to the seller. In accordance with LR Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.631 “On the procedure for raising and examining consumer claims concerning goods and services not in compliance with agreement”, the Consumer must fill out the application form and has to return the item. We advise to keep the original package of the item so that during the withdrawal period, in accordance with the Distance Contract, the item would not be damaged. The received complaints regarding the item quality are solved according to the Consumer Protection Law standards corresponding with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.631.
    Reminder, Consumer Protection Law standards do not apply when the purchase has been made by a legal entity.
  • “Purnavu Muiža” reserves the right not to withdraw any order and not to accept the returned item (s) if the item (s) were made for the customer as an individual project or order thus being personalized.

Returning an item

It is Consumer’s duty to inform “Purnavu Muiža” about flawed items, but no later than 14 (fourteen) days after receiving the order.

Returning of the item:

  • Fill out the application form (Download here);
  • Order that shall be returned without the attached return form, shall be ignored until the aforementioned return form is received;
  • Add a document which confirms the purchase (receipt, extract of the bank account or the packing slip handed over by the courier)
  • Send the completed application form to info@purnavumuiza.lv;
  • The product must be delivered or sent in its original, undamaged packaging to the "Purnavu Muiža" Mārupe store or the Mārupe Rimi Omniva parcel post, specifying the "Purnavu Muiža" phone number 20200500;
  • “Purnavu Muiža” looks through the application and corresponding with the legislation of the Latvian Republic, sends you a written answer, within 10 (ten) working days to the e-mail used for submitting the request.
  • “Purnavu Muiža” has the right to decline to accept the returned item and give a refund, if the item’s quality and original package has not been preserved or the time period of withdrawal rights has not been followed.
  • “Purnavu Muiža” pledges to refund the funds with one bank transaction to the client’s bank account no later than within 30 (thirty) days, from the day when the Consumer sent in the filled out application form.
  • when returning or changing purchased items, the Consumer undertakes the transport risks
  • when declining an item, the transport costs are not refunded.
  • If the order contents are subjected to change, shipping costs are covered but the Buyer.

Settlement of disputes

If a dispute arises in a connection to this website, all rights and responsibilities mentioned in these terms and conditions, and all acts within them are regulated by the laws of Latvian Republic to an extent, as these terms and conditions would be fully concluded and fully complied contract in Latvia. The Contracting Parties hereby certify that all disputes in any way relating to the website visits, or arising in a connection with the Distance Contract execution, interpretation or termination, they will try to resolve by mutual negotiations. If the Parties cannot resolve the dispute by negotiating they transfer all disputes, differences and complaints to any court of the Latvian Republic, unless the Consumer has in any way violated or intended to violate the intellectual property rights of “Purnavu Muiža”, its subsidiary companies, intellectual property rights of its partners or licence providers, when we can take legal action for a court assigned prohibition or another judicial remedy, the Consumer agrees to obey the court’s jurisdiction and case hearing in that court. The Parties have agreed upon the dispute settlement place in accordance with the European Parliament Regulation 953/2008 on the legal acts which are applicable to Contract obligations (Rome I). If a dispute arises between “Purnavu Muiža”, and the Consumer as to whether the contained provisions of the concluded Contract are unfair, any of the Contracting Parties has the right to take legal action specified under the specific article, also the Consumer has the right to turn to the Consumer Rights Protection Centre. If a dispute arises between “Purnavu Muiža” and the Consumer regarding the security of the personal data, any of the Contracting Parties has the right to take legal action specified under the specific article, also the Consumer has the right to turn to the State Data Inspection.

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