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Adjustment fire 30 EUR

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Shooting range

We are very proud of the only closed 100 metres long shooting range in Baltics with the latest equipment.
Shooting range is situated in the same shop, on the special underground level with comfortable conditions – where it is convenient to shoot upright, in lying and also in sitting position, there is very good sound insulation there and it is made according to the labour safety requirements.
As shooting range is situated close to the shop, clients have an opportunity to try the smooth-bore and cut weapon and also to shoot from your own weapon.
In the shooting range there are offered electronic aims and also paper aims. The advantage of electronic aims is that the result of the shooting is shown on monitor very slowly, so there is the better opportunity to identify hit of the target fast and easy and one should not spend a lot of time for adjustment fire of the weapon.
Our shooting instructors can help to adjust the optical sight and to find the suitable cartridges for the weapon.

  • Distances – 100 metres, 50 metres, 25 metres.
  • Aims - sports and tactical, drawings, images of different animals.
  • Electronic aims – Polytronic and Mega link.
  • Used calibres – all which in Latvian statutory acts are classified, as the hunting and sports calibres.

Welcome to our shooting range!