Top 5 Tips For Duck Hunting

7/31/23 | Purnavu Muiža

How many hunters know the situation when we get up early in the morning, in a great mood as we`re about to get dressed
and go duck hunting to our favourite river or lake?

However, once we`re there we see that ducks are flying nowhere near us and in the end, the hunt is not as successful as we hoped it would be.

In order to avoid these situations, we`ve prepared 5 tips for successful duck hunting.

Let`s get started!


 5. Duck calls

Successful duck hunting is not imaginable without a duck call. There are variety of duck calls available, each for a different purpose,
depending on how far away the duck is, some are louder, some are quieter. Further on, we use different calling techniques, starting with simple call to get their attention
to a feeding call, which signalizes to other ducks that it is safe to fly over and feed here.

It is important not to overuse these calls and have pauses in between them.

4. Decoys

A major key to success when duck hunting is using decoys together with your duck calls.
It`s much easier to call ducks when you have a good spread of decoys set out.
Ducks have a good sight, therefore it`s suggested to use both male and female decoys.
The more decoys we have, the larger flocks we can call and hunt.

3. Setting up a decoy spread

The decoy spread plays a huge role. We must remember that ducks are landing against wind;
therefore, we must be careful when choosing where to set our blind and where to have the decoys.
Remember to check the wind!

Choose your position so that you can see all around you and the ducks wouldn`t fly over you unnoticed.

2. Choosing the right camo

Of course, we`re not going hunting in our favourite suit or the pair of jeans.

One of the cornerstones for a successful hunt is a suitable camo for the environment you`re hunting in.
When duck hunting on a lake, we suggest choosing a reed pattern camo. It will be great both at the beginning of the season as at the end of it.
If you have a camo net to throw over your boat, it will be a major plus for your camo tactics.

As we mentioned earlier, ducks have a great sight thus it`s recommended to wear gloves, caps,
and even to paint one`s face making the camo game complete. When camouflaging yourself you need to think about disrupting your silhouette.

If you`ve followed every step, remember not to make any sharp movements and you should be all right.

1. Aiming

You`re all camouflaged in your blind, decoys are in, duck call is ready and the only thing that remains is aiming and shooting.
Ducks are pretty fast in flight. You must be able to calculate the distance ahead of the ducks flight trajectory you should be aiming at,
in order for the shot to be precise. If you`re going to shoot straight at a duck in flight, you`re going to miss,
as the duck will have moved until the shot travels to that position. Remember to check the wind, as it affects your shots as well.

A great way to get ready and have your shooting in check before the season is to visit a shooting range and train in clay shooting.

Try it!

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