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5/14/24 | Purnavu Muiža

Alaska 1795 news is here!

This hunting season, Alaska 1795 pleases us with several new additions to the collection, but the Durashield hunting suits stand out.

The manufacturer has prepared two versions - the plain model and the camouflage model.

By the way, the camouflage clothing is designed with a new camouflage pattern - BlindTech Timber.


Durashield hunting suit is very durable and quiet at the same time. The pants also come with removable kneepads,

which are great for stalking when you have to sneak a lot and stay low.

Both trousers and jackets can be purchased separately or as a set.

When purchasing a set, an 8% discount applies!

How to get 8% discount on Alaska 1795 set?

Quite simply!

Put the Durashield series jacket and pants in the shopping cart, the discount will apply automatically!

The main thing is that if you choose a camouflage jacket, the pants should also be camouflage.

The offer is not valid for clothes of different colors.

Order Alaska 1795 Durashield here

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