455 Varmint *


The CZ 455 Varmint follows well-proven barrelled action of the CZ 455 model as well as other rimfire rifles of this line. This Varmint features a 525 mm (20”) long heavy barrel to provide higher accuracy when shooting small moving and static targets at medium or longer distances. The receiver is machined having an 11 mm (0.43”) dovetail groove for scope mount attachment, the barrel is not fitted with sights. The stock is made from Turkish walnut. These rimfire rifles come as standard with a 5-shot plastic magazine with a 10-shot magazine as optional.

The rimfire rifles produced by Česká zbrojovka, Uherský Brod due to their classical construction and unfailing reliability are ranked among the most sought-after long guns of their kind on the world market. Quality, long service life, accuracy and safe handling are the main virtues of these firearms intended for hunters and sports shooters.
Unparalleled accuracy is attained in all CZ rimfires models, besides other things, through the use of hammer forged barrels. This is not the cheapest or fastest way to build a barrel, but it is part of our “take the time to do it right” attitude. The barrel can be provided with the muzzle threaded for a Still or Parker-Hale sound suppressor attachment.
The receiver is made from a one billet of high quality steel and is provided with milled dovetail to accommodate scope mount. The trigger of the CZ 455 rimfires line is adjustable by the user.
Quality and attention to details has made the CZ rimfire rifles a growing favourite among small game hunters and sport shooters. Available in both wide variety of models and a wide range of prices we have a rimfire to meet any application which is not a burden to any budget.

• Receiver made from a single billet of high-quality steel 
• Hammer forged barrel 
• Adjustable trigger pull 
• Detachable magazine, easy mounting of rifle scope 
• Threaded muzzle for Still or Parker-Hale sound moderator attachment (optional) 
• Single shot adapters, 5rd and 10rd magazines available to be used in the whole line of the CZ 455 rifles
• 11 mm dovetail at the receiver’s upper section 

  • Preces kods: CZ 455 Varmint
  • Ražotājs: CZ
  • Ieroča tips: Karabīnes
  • Pielietojums: Medību
  • Stobra veids: Standarta
  • Stobra garums (cm): 52,5
  • Stobra diametrs (mm): 22
  • Laides tips: Labisks
  • Laides materiāls: Koks
  • Aptveres ietilpība: 5
  • Svars (kg): 3.2
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455 Varmint

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CZ 455 Varmint