Micro S-1 6MOA 6-12mm


The Aimpoint® Micro S-1 was designed specifically for use on shotguns.  The innovative carbon fiber reinforced mounting system positions the optic on the lowest possible optical axis - without adding unnecessary weight. The Micro S-1 sight attaches directly to the shotgun at any point along the ventilated rib, and interchangeable adapter plates are included to accommodate most popular shotgun rib sizes.

The Micro S-1 greatly enhances hit percentage for hunters, as well as on the sporting clays course. It provides a compact, low-profile optic for shotgun hunters. The big, bright 6 MOA red dot provides an optimal combination of target acquisition speed and visibility.

  • Код товара: 200369
  • Bес (кг): 0.1
  • Производитель: Aimpoint
  • Увеличение : 1x
  • Длина (мм): 43
  • Водонепроницаемый: Да
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Micro S-1 6MOA 6-12mm

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