Ткань для чистки линз


This large ZEISS Microfibre Cloth allows you to clean your lens equipment perfectly without streaks, from finger prints and grains of sand to the smallest particles of dust, dirty or scratched lenses compromise picture quality. It is essential that lenses are clean, and especially that they are properly maintained. ZEISS offers a range of professional cleaning products that perfectly complement your unique product experience. The ZEISS specialists have developed these products to meet the precise needs of high-quality optical surfaces

Gentle but effective

ZEISS cleaning products allow you to remove even the smallest dirt gently but effectively. They are suitable not only for camera lenses, filters and spectacle lenses, but also for binoculars and LCD displays such as those on your laptop or smartphone.

  • Код товара: 2096-818
  • Производитель: Zeiss
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Ткань для чистки линз

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