FLUNA optikas t?r. l?dz. spray 100 ml



Fluna TFT / optics foam cleaner is a special foam for cleaning all types of optics, binoculars, riflescopes, spotting scopes. Fluna TFT / optical foam cleaner also cleans flat screens such as TFT - LCD monitors, laptop screens, TVs, PDAs, navigation devices, glass and mirrors.
Fluna TFT / optical foam cleaner can also be used on plastic and rubberized surfaces.

Fluna TFT / optic foam cleaner removes all household dirt such as dust, nicotine, insects, grease marks, fingerprints, patina from hand perspiration and dust.


  • Extremely high stability
  • High cleaning power
  • Does not penetrate the housing
  • Cleans without residue
  • Does not contain alcohol
  • Simple application


Hunting optics, e.g. riflescope

Spray Fluna TFT / optic foam cleaner from the front against the glass so that the expanding foam completely fills the volume between the glass and the end of the riflescope. After a short exposure time, run along the grooved reveal with a dry, clean cloth and remove the adhering dust from the sun visor. In a second step, spray the cleaner thinly on the glass and clean and polish it with a dry, clean cloth.


Apply Fluna TFT / Optic Foam Cleaner evenly and thinly to the surfaces and let it
work for a few seconds to loosen dirt. Spread the product with a soft cloth and remove dirt. We recommend switching off the device during use.
A longer exposure time of the product is recommended when cleaning plastics.

  • Код товара: RETFT007001
  • Производитель: Fluna Tec
  • Ёмкость (мл): 100
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FLUNA optikas t?r. l?dz. spray 100 ml

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