Trofeju balinātājs 250 ml


Ballistol trophy bleaching and bones bleaching agent makes hunting trophies and preparations for biology course spotlessly clean white again. The original condition of the skull and other bones can be fully restored.

Skeletal parts, prepared bones, skulls, skeletons, whether as a trophy from hunters or as exhibits for pupils and students in the biology course; spick and span white, the preparations simply looks much better.

With Ballistol trophy bleach and bones bleach, skulls and other bones can bleached pure white for the initial preparation as well as for restoration. This produces a much more pleasant sight of the collection of exhibits and in the display case with hunting trophies.

Dissolve 15-30g Klever trophy bleach and bones bleach per 300 ml in cold water, insert the bone and heat slowly until boiling. Let it cool again. After approximately 15 hours the bone can rinsed with water. If the bleaching is not white enough, you can repeat the process. This will also make yellowed skulls and other preparations again pure white.

The spent solution after heating contains only mineral salts, as in all waters occur anyway. The disposal is therefore environmentally friendly possible about the house sewer.

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Trofeju balinātājs 250 ml

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