M12 Pure *


Back to its roots” explains the entirely new design of the M 12 PURE. A century ago, M 98 rifles with sporterised high grade stocks were the choice of professionals who desired reliability in a stylish package. What could be better than fusing an ultra-reliable infantry action with a classic hunting stock? This turned a functional edgy military firearm into arguably the most awesome stalking rifle of all time! The M 12 PURE picks up this success story and is a true Classic Sporter that will excite every real hunter without breaking the bank. This is how MAUSER presents modern day affordable luxury that works.

  • Preces kods: Mauser M12 Pure
  • Ražotājs: Mauser
  • Ieroča tips: Karabīnes
  • Pielietojums: Medību, Sporta
  • Stobra veids: Standarta
  • Stobra garums (cm): 56
  • Stobra diametrs (mm): 17
  • Laides tips: Labisks
  • Laides materiāls: Koks
  • Koka klase: 2
  • Aptveres ietilpība: 5+1
  • Svars (kg): 3.2
  • Čoks: Nav
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M12 Pure

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Mauser M12 Pure
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